Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Cute Headband for Spring

What's cuter than bows and polka dots? I have been having fun with the vintage lace and flower headbands, but when I saw this adorable polka dot ribbon at the Duck Store, I really wanted to give it a try. Once I covered a headband with it, I had just enough left over to add a cute bow on the side!

Me modeling this cute polka-dot headband
It kind of reminds me of something Minnie Mouse would wear...
This will be on Etsy soon, along with the vintage lace ones I posted earlier in the week. I will be adding one a day until they are all up, so stay tuned.

How many more things will I find to make into cute hair accessories?

-Baby Cat


  1. I like this one too! The red with white polka dots reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

  2. Thanks! That's what I was thinking too, haha.

  3. Baby Cat, I just saw your new headband. I really like it. It looks very nice with your short hairdo. You are so pretty.

    Next time, try a big smile too! Love you!

    - Momma Cat

  4. Thanks, Momma! Whenever I try to smile for pictures I feel like it comes out looking too cheesy, and I took this one really late at night so it was all I could do keep my eyes open for the camera. I will try, though, perhaps I will read something funny while taking pictures next time...