Sunday, February 3, 2013

Momma Cat and Plushpussycat Go To A Doll Show!

What do you think would happen if you combined Momma Cat with Plushpussycat, and sent them to a doll show?

Well, I'll tell you, it was an entire morning filled with  fun!

Momma Cat (doll enthusiast) and Plushpusscat (miniaturist), had so much stuff to look at that it took hours!  Daddy Cat and Plushy's (that's what I'm calling her for short) husband were plenty worried I'll tell you!  But, both lady cats had a good time looking at all the tempting items, and each made a couple of sweet purchases.

Momma Cat bought these two lovelies;

The first lovely is a Nancy Ann Storybook Doll.  That's all we know about her except she was extremely cute and terribly inexpensive.  Momma Cat could not resist.

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll

The second lovely is a Marmie Doll, made by Madame Alexander in the 1950's.  The dress on this doll is reproduction fashioned from the doll's original dress.  But, WE DON'T CARE!  Because Marmie  is absolutely stunning in every way, and our hearts melt every time we look at her sweet little face.

Marmie from Little Women

For those of you that don't already know, Marmie is the mother character in a book by Louisa May Alcott, entitled Little Women.  If you haven't read it, give yourself a little treat.  In fact, read that, and then read Little Men.  I promise you won't be sorry!

Now Plushy bought some cute little things too, and I do mean little, since she's into miniatures.  But you'll have to look at her blog to see what she purchased, because she wants to show them to you herself.  She bought several really cute little items that will work well in her doll houses, or can be used for her giveaway prizes.  So go to and see what our friend bought.

Baby Cat was not available to go to the doll show today because she and Boyfriend Cat are up on Mt. Hood snow-shoeing.  Doesn't that sound like a dangerous thing for a little cat to do?  I told her to fake a leg injury so that she could go to the doll show instead.  But, she wouldn't do it.  She wanted to be with Boyfriend Cat instead.  Go figure!

-Momma Cat



  1. I love these cute dolls, Momma! I wish I could have gone to the doll show with you and Plushy! Snowshoeing was fun too, though, even if they don't look like tennis rackets anymore...


    Baby Cat

    1. Baby Cat,

      You should've gone with us. Plushy is a lot of fun to hang with. Maybe we can all go together next time, and take Boyfriend Cat's Momma with us!

      Momma Cat

    2. Plushy,

      I hope you don't mind the nickname. I loved going to the doll show with you even though our focus was on totally different things. I'm glad you made me go back for a second look. I'm totally in love with Marmie. She's on my mantle right now!

      Momma Cat

  2. Hi Momma Cat! Your photos are gorgeous, and so are the dolls you found yesterday! I love what I found too. When I got home, I tried all the little pieces in my various sets, and everything was perfect! Thanks for a fun day! xo Jennifer