Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Lena Gets Some New Duds!

Momma Cat loves her little Lena so much, she just has to keep making clothes for her.  As you've seen in previous posts, Lena already had a little pink play outfit and blanket.  Then Momma Cat made her a Christmas dress, complete with panties, bonnet, and booties.

Well, Lena needed some more play clothes, and a little sweater, hat, and bootie set, and above all, she needed a diaper!  That's right, she needed a diaper!  Imagine going all this time without that most basic piece of clothing!  I'm shocked, really.

Anyway, it took a very looooooooooong time, but here we are.  Lena got some new duds!  First you'll see her here with her new pink shirt, and her pink diaper.

Lena's new pink shirt and diaper

Next, Lena needed a new pair of overalls to play in.  She needed something warm, and with some bright color, since Winter can be so long and dark, and dreary.  So here she is in her brand new lined overalls.  Doesn't she look ready to play?

New yellow overalls lined with a cotton fabric featuring white daisies on a hot pink background

Now, Momma Cat realized right away that something was missing here.  She was concerned that Lena's little feet would be cold, and since it's still winter, maybe the rest of her would be cold too.  So she made Lena a little hat, a sweater, and some booties to match her new outfit.

New sweater, hat, and matching booties

The pattern for this baby sweater was printed in 1953, and it's one of many that Grandma Cat passed down to Momma and Baby Cat.  The hat is Momma Cat's own design, as are the booties.

Now that Lena is fully clothed, maybe she can wait a while before she gets any more new clothes.  Momma Cat already has some really sweet turquoise baby-wale corduroy just itchin' to be made into a pair of baby pants! We can hardly wait to see them.  But Momma Cat has a few other projects to deal with before that happens.

-Momma Cat


  1. so cute- I love her little romper :)

    1. Thank you Kim. I'm so glad you like Lena and her new clothes!

      - Momma Cat

  2. Wow!!! Her clothes look fantastic! Lena looks really happy now that she has such pretty clothes and her feet are warm. :-) xo Jennifer

    1. Plushy,

      Now you know what I've been working on. You can also understand why I had so much trouble finding a new baby doll at the doll show. It'll take a lot to fill Lena's shoes! (no pun intended)

      -Momma Cat