Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Name and New Clothing!

Over the last two months I have been a very busy girl indeed!  I started working a part-time job, I bought and wrapped about a zillion Christmas presents, I decorated the house (with some help, of course), I wrote and sent Christmas cards, I made two pairs of pajama pants, one pajama shirt, one flannel shirt, and last but not least, I made two complete sets of clothing for my new little baby doll.

You probably remember this doll from an earlier post.  I found her at Thrifty Cottage early in November.  It took me a while, but I finally came up with a name that suits her perfectly.  Because she is a German-made doll, I decided to name her Lena, after a favorite Great-Aunt of mine.

When I found Lena, she was dressed in some lavender pajamas that really didn't really fit her at all.  Well, that just about drove me crazy, so I decided to make her some new clothes.  The hardest part was finding a pattern for her because she's a 19 inch doll, and most of the current patterns are for much smaller baby dolls. Luckily I had a pattern from when Baby Cat was little, and I was able to use it to make Lena's clothing.

Here's the first outfit I made for her.  It's a playsuit with matching bonnet, shoes, and blanket.  The shoes and bonnet are both lined with the gingham that makes up the cuff on the bottom of the pants.  The blanket is two sided with the dotted flannel fabric on one side and the gingham fabric on the other.

Lena's flannel and gingham playsuit

Her other outfit is a cotton Christmas dress with a red background and poinsettia pattern in gold.  Her gown is full length, with matching panties and bonnet, and a pair of crocheted booties that were made exclusively to fit her particular little feet.  She'll be right in style when the holidays roll around again next year.

Lena in her Christmas outfit
Special crocheted booties to match Lena's Christmas outfit

I have several more outfits in mind for Lena, but I also have several other projects that need completion first.  Lena  may have to wait a while for her next present.  But she's very patient. I hope you enjoy her for now.  She really is a very sweet baby girl.

-Momma Cat

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  1. awww- what sweet little outfits for Lena- I especially love her little booties :)