Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daddy Cat Buys Momma A Mouse!

Today, even though it was very cold and wintery outside, it was also very sunny, fooling me into thinking that it would be great to go for a walk.  Well, I talked Daddy Cat into going for a walk with me, because he wanted to get some exercise too.  It turned out to be a lot colder than I thought, and I didn't wear a hat, so I had to suffer a bit because of it.  Oh, well...

 During our walk Daddy Cat and I passed a shop called Unique Antique at 7908 SE 13th Avenue.  We weren't planning to go inside, but there was a box sitting on a bench outside the store, and who should I see peeking out over the top edge?  A mouse!  In fact, the most famous mouse of all!

My New Mickey Mouse

Well, being an intelligent cat, I got very excited when I saw this mouse, especially after noticing that he was priced at $3.00!  I found him to be in perfect condition.  He even smelled brand new!  So Daddy Cat, seeing that I was enamored with this mouse, bought him for me!

How lucky is that?  You don't even have to be a mouse lover to know that this was an extremely good deal!  My only question was, why would anybody ever want to part with a mouse this great?  Whatever the reason, it was my good fortune.

So, I got some exercise, good company, fresh air, and a mouse!  It really turned out to be a red letter day!

-  Momma Cat

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  1. He does look just about perfect- what a great find!