Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nesting Table Reinforcements

The nesting tables with their metal tops!
This post has been a long time in the making. As many of you probably remember, I made a set of three nesting tables at school last term. They turned out very well but I was told that since the joints at the top are so thin, it would be a good idea to strengthen them with brackets to keep them from breaking over time.

Corner brackets in three sizes
A box of short little screws
Over winter break, Momma Cat and I made a trip to the hardware store to get the brackets. The people at the True Value store in Sellwood are always super friendly and helpful. They helped me find the kind of brackets that I wanted, and short screws that would hold them to the tables without going all the way through and ruining the look of the table.

Corners without reinforcement

Little hand drill from a garage sale
My trusty screwdriver

After using a pencil to mark where I wanted the brackets to go on the table, I drilled pilot holes with a little hand drill I found at a garage sale over the summer. I don't have an electric drill yet but this one worked fine for my purposes.

Then I attached the brackets using the really nice screwdriver that was part of the awesome tool set my equally awesome aunt and uncle gave me for my most recent birthday. Now all of the tables feel extra sturdy. I hope they stand the test of time once I start setting things on them!

-Baby Cat


  1. hooray for a project finished and the tables are gorgeous!