Saturday, May 13, 2017


Today Momma Cat discovered a bunch of new 100% cotton knits at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts!  They are from ajuvenline apparel fabric line called "Doodles".  There were at least  20 or 30 new fabrics at the store where Momma was.  She took pictures of a few of them to give you some idea.

Momma's favorite! (duh)
Who wouldn't love these sweet little birds!
Swimming sea creatures!
For all you lizard lovers!
There ain't nobody don't like no dinosaurs!
Who ever heard of owls dressed as cowboys!
Pretty little cherry blossoms!
Fun Motor Scooters to get around on!

Too bad Momma Cat doesn't have enough room to show you all the new fabrics! Doodles has a lot of other fabrics in their line that aren't new, but are very cute too!  

All of the Doodles fabrics are 100% cotton, and even though they're in the juvenile apparel fabric section, Big Cats can wear them too!!!  They are perfect for making children's clothing, but are great for those that are still young at heart!  The fabrics are soft, and they're a very nice quality.

Momma Cat thinks you should go to JoAnn and check them out. You won't regret it!!!

- Momma Cat  😸


  1. The patterns are darling! I love the cats, too, but they're all cute.

  2. Maureen,

    I need to get some and start making some more doll clothes!

    - Momma Cat