Thursday, May 4, 2017


Today Momma Cat found some new, really cute things at her JoAnn Fabric and Craft store that she just HAD to share with you!

She was in the Notions Aisle, and saw some really cute hardware for making handbags.  Momma Cat makes a lot of handbags, so these really interested her.

Right there next to the cute hardware were these adorable tags.  Some are metal, some are leather, all are cute!

Dritz Metal and Leather Labels
 The leather labels are one per package.  They metal ones are two to a package.  They are meant to be used on all of your handmade items.  They can be attached with thread, floss, or rivets.  The rivets are right next to them on the Notions Wall display.  

Momma Cat bought two of this one, because she liked the printing on it the best.  Normally they cost $3.99 each. But, today there was a coupon for 50% off on everything on the Notions Wall. So, Momma Cat got hers for half price!    I know, right?!!!😁

They will look so cute on the handbags Momma Cat is making to sell!

The other exciting things Momma Cat found at JoAnn's today were these two adorable t-shirts!  There are several others that are meant for sewers, knitters, and crafters. Momma Cat loved these two the best!  

Momma Cat loves this color!

Momma will be Sew happy to wear this one!

These t-shirts are light-weight, comfortable and they're longer in the back than they are in the front (they look flattering, and they don't ride up)! In the same display with the t-shirts are leggings.  If you're the kind of girl that likes to wear leggings, you will want to get some to go with your new t-shirt!  These shirts are only $14.99, but again, Momma Cat was able to use her 50% off one regular priced item coupons from JoAnn.  So, she got two shirts for the price of one!!!😸 Yay! Momma Cat is soooo smart!!!

 Momma Cat gets coupons any way she can.  She signed up on JoAnn's mailing list, on their texting list, and on their email list.  Daddy Cat gives her coupons that he finds in the Sunday newspaper! They all help when she goes to buy her fabric and notions to make all of her projects!  You can get them too!

- Momma Cat



  1. Great items! The shirts are very pretty. I can see I'm going to have to make another trip to my local JoAnn's!

  2. Maureen,

    Don't forget to use your coupons! I am planning to buy at least one more shirt. They are so cute and comfortable!

    - Momma Cat

  3. Such cute stuff! I especially love the shirts because the messages are cute and they do look super flattering (which T-shirts often are not)!


  4. Assunta,

    There's one there that says Knitting Is My Happy Place. You might like it!

    - Momma Cat