Wednesday, June 29, 2016


One Saturday morning Momma Cat convinced Big Sister Cat to go to a new ( new to her) yarn store over on NE Alberta Street.  This was a pretty big deal, because although Big Sister Cat appreciates really nice stuff, she is neither a knitter, spinner, or crocheter!  It just proves that she loves her Little Sister Cat enough to be dragged to these places occasionally!

When they arrived at the yarn shop, it hadn't opened yet, so they walked down the street a few blocks and Big Sister Cat bought the most amazing looking pie at  a shop called Random Order.  She wanted to bring her Husband Cat a treat! It looked and smelled awesome!

They walked back toward the yarn shop, which still wasn't open, but the store next to it was.  It was a lovely little fabric store by the name of Bolt. Momma Cat went in, determined not to find anything to fall in love with, but she was doomed!  She found this lovely little piece of fabric, which at this very moment is being turned into a dress for some lucky doll.  
Cat Fabric from Bolt

Afterward, Momma Cat and Big Sister Cat went into the yarn shop, called Close Knit, and there Momma Cat found a few little treasures to take home.  The pink and orange yarn are Rowan mercerized cotton, and the blue variegated is a Cascade Yarns washable wool. All beautiful to work with! 

Treasures from Close Knit
Momma Cat had to try out her yarn right away, so she made this little doll sweater!  

Doll Sweater made from Rowan yarn from Close Knit

Now she is working on one using the pink yarn!

Next Momma Cat and Big Sister Cat went out to lunch at Sushiland on NE Weidler Street (highly recommended by Baby Cat and Baby Brother Cat), and had a wonderful little lunch.  It was inexpensive too!  Since neither of our Husband Cats are sushi lovers we took the opportunity to have some together!  It was well worth it! 

Momma Cat is really looking forward to the next time She and Big Sister Cat get to spend the day together.  But, next time they'll have to do some stuff that Big Sister Cat likes to do!!! 

- Momma Cat


  1. I love the cat fabric, and can't wait to see the dress you make with it. That will be one lucky doll!

  2. Maureen,
    It's in my very next post, along with several other things I've been working on. Thanks for watching!

    - Momma Cat

  3. That sounds like a perfect day! I wish I could have been there to join you!

  4. Assunta,

    So do I!! I really miss you a lot!

    - Momma Cat