Friday, June 24, 2016


Boy, it's been quite a while since Momma Cat has posted anything!  She's embarrassed, but she's been very, very busy!  

She's been working, but she's also been buying dolls, and making outfits for them.  That means buying patterns, fabric, notions, stockings and shoes. 

Here are the dolls that Momma Cat has purchased recently.

Madame Alexander (Baby Cat's birthday present)

Corolle Les Cheries
Two Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls
Blonde Madame Alexander 18 inch doll
8 inch Madame Alexander doll

 Momma Cat makes each doll a pair of panties first thing, because, oddly enough, they don't come with a pair of panties!  Not even the new dolls!

 Then she makes clothes specific to each doll! But, she also makes some extras, so that the dolls may have more than one outfit, or some may be purchased for other dolls.

Pj's, hoodies, dresses, pants and tops
Here are two of the dolls with their new outfits!
Ready for school to start
Pink romper with crocheted sweater
Momma Cat still has a few dolls to clothe, and she's working hard at it!  So, she'll be back online with another blog post when she gets them finished!

-  Momma Cat


  1. I have loved Madam Alexander dolls since I was a child! The poor dolls from my childhood (four, from the mid '60's) have all come unstrung, but I also have a few contemporary ones. I have one that looks very like the 8 inch Asian girl you have :-)

    A new doll like finding a new friend; and I love all the wonderful outfits you've made!



    1. Beth,

      I recently discovered the 18 inch Madame Alexander dolls, but I've always liked the little 8" ones too. I didn't own any of them until I was an adult! Mine are all contemporary too.

      I am having a lot of fun dressing my dolls! The problem is that I've fallen in love with all of them, which will make it very hard on me when I go to sell them! I'm glad you like my outfits! Stay tuned, there are more to come!

      - Momma

  2. The dolls are all so charming, and their custom-made wardrobes make them even more special. Your doll family is really growing! I'm looking forward to seeing the new outfits you're working on when they're finished.

    1. Maureen,

      Don't worry, it won't be too long. I am crocheting a sweater and making a new dress simultaneously! Once that's done, I will go online and find the right shoes to go with the outfit. Truthfully, that's a lot of fun! You would be amazed at all the different choices there are!

      Maybe some day I will learn how to make shoes myself, but that's another skill set!

      Thanks for commenting!

      - Momma Cat

  3. You have a great eye for cute dolls and a wonderful talent for making the best doll clothes. I've been lucky to grow up with such a talented mom!

  4. Aw Shucks! I really appreciate you saying that, since you're part of my inspiration! I'm glad we share the passion for dolls and creating things! We continue to learn a lot from each other. It's something we can enjoy forever!


    - Momma Cat