Monday, November 16, 2015


Well, the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar is over and Momma Cat is taking a break from making things to sell.  She does not, however, stop working completely, at any time! 

So, immediately after the bazaar, she started making this cute little guy that was in a book that Daddy Cat bought her for Christmas last year.

He likes sitting on the back of the chair (better view, he says)

His name is Oggy.  Momma Cat thinks he may have some other sea friends out there that we'll be seeing soon. Oggy has mentioned something about a lobster buddy......

The funny thing too is that Momma has never seen Oggy even close to any kind of water, salt or otherwise!  Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?

- Momma Cat


  1. Does Oggy know about the squid burger you ate in Hawaii? :) Seriously, he is very cute. I love his eyes and cheerful color.

  2. He's super cute! It is a little suspicious that he doesn't go in the water, though... :)

  3. Cute guy! Looking forward to seeing you soon! xo Jennifer

  4. Maureen,
    Of course he doesn't! But, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
    Thank you, I like him a lot too!

    - Momma Cat