Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Yes, Cat Yarn!  I'm not making it up!  But, it's not yarn made from cat hair, it's yarn died to look like cat fur!  It's made by Ancient Arts Yarns.  It's 100% Superwash Merino Wool.  This particular yarn is the Calico Cat DK yarn, from the Meow Collection.  So cute!

I got my yarn at Yarntastic Fiber Arts, in Portland. Yarntastic is a little shop over in the Sellwood-Moreland business district.  It's just a couple of doors south of the Moreland Theatre on SE Milwaukie Avenue.

Anyway, this cat yarn is so cute, I decided to make some crocheted cats out of it! There's quite a bit of yardage in one skein (225 yards), so I was able to make both of these cats, and I still have yarn left over!
Momma Cat's cats made out of Cat Yarn! Whoa!!!!

These cats will be on display at Yarntastic along with the beautiful Cat Yarn.  So stop by and see them, the Cat Yarn, and all the other beautiful yarn that is for sale there.

While you're there, say hi to Leslie and Dave (the owners), and tell them that Momma Cat sent you!

- Momma  Cat



  1. I love calico cats, and yours are the cutest I've seen! I don't know which one is more adorable - the one with blue eyes, or the green-eyed cutie. Now I'm curious about the other colors of cat yarn!

    1. Maureen,

      You'll just have to drop by Yarntastic and check them out!

      - Momma Cat

  2. Your cats are so cute and that yarn is perfect! What a cool idea!

  3. Assunta,

    I thought they'd be a lot bigger! I'm addicted to big cats now, since you convinced me that chenille yarn was cool to work with. I probably won't be making any more cats with this kind of yarn. It's too expensive and too time consuming. I could never make my money back on them.

    - Momma Cat