Friday, January 9, 2015


This blog post is a few months overdue but we wanted to share it with you anyway! This Halloween, Baby Cat and Husband Cat decided to go as Emmett and Wildstyle from The LEGO Movie. There were many wonderful tutorials for LEGO costumes online, but we decided to simplify things a bit.

Here are the original characters from the movie:

One of the first things we needed was paint that was just the right LEGO yellow!

Next was a big 3'x4' sheet of chip board to make the heads out of. We also used: black, white, and red acrylic paint for the faces, black and brown fabric for the hair, and blue and pink felt for Wildstyle's streaks.

After spray painting the board and letting it dry, Baby Cat measured two rectangles that were 10'' wide and the length of the board and cut them out with a box knife. 

She then formed the rectangles into tubes with a 1' diameter, trimmed off the excess, and secured them with yellow duct tape.

Using Adobe Illustrator, Baby Cat found some good close-up pictures of the characters faces, scaled them up, and printed outlines of them to use as templates. This one is Emmett:

Next Baby Cat cut out the features (eyes and mouth), set them aside for later, taped the Emmet template to one of the tubes, and traced inside the features.

 This is what Emmett looked like before his features were filled in...

 ...and with his eyes and mouth filled in with black paint:

Once the black paint was dry. Baby Cat cut the teeth and tongue out of the mouth template and taped the template over the mask's mouth. 

The tongue is then painted in red and the teeth in white. This took several coats to show up against the black, so be sure to leave plenty of time for it to dry in between coats.

Wildstyle's face had a little more detail but the overall process was the same. First Baby Cat printed the template...

 ...then cut out the major features...

...taped the template to the mask and traced around it.

The eyes and eyebrows were painted in black.

The lips can also be done in red in the same first step. The freckles and smile line are a light brown made from mixing white and red paint with just a hint of black.

Once Baby Cat had enough coats for all the colors to be dark enough, she let it dry completely. 

Next, she cut out the inner circles from the eye templates and the teeth from the mouth template and taped them to the face.

These are both painted in white.

Both faces were almost done but Baby Cat still had to make a way to see out of them so they could be worn as masks.

 Very carefully with the box knife, Baby Cat cut a large circle out of each of Emmett's eyes (in retrospect she probably didn't need to fill it all in with paint) and cut a slightly larger circle out of black swimsuit-lining fabric to cover it. This kept the eyes looking solid but made it so Husband Cat could see out a little bit.

Again, Wildstyle's eyes were a little trickier because of the white shine spots in her eyes, which Baby Cat cut around as much as she could, then covered the spaces with swimsuit liner.

Finally both faces were done and they just needed hair!

Emmett's hair was difficult to get right. Baby Cat used brown felt and layered it to give it a rounded shape on top of the head. She glued it to the head around the sides and added a few stitches here and there within the fabric to keep the shape.

Wildstyle's hair was made with a piece of black cotton and some strips of blue and pink felt. The cotton was glued to the head at the edges, then pulled up in the middle and tied with a hair tie to make her ponytail. Baby Cat just eyeballed the felt to get colorful streaks that were about the right length and thickness, then glued them to the hair.

And to finish the costumes off, Husband Cat wore a blue shirt under a construction worker's vest while Baby Cat added strips of blue and pink duct tape to her black sweatshirt to make Wildstyle's graffiti hoodie. Both wore yellow kitchen gloves for yellow LEGO hands!

We hope you like our costumes, they were fun to make and we always love impersonating some of our favorite movie characters on Halloween! 

-Baby Cat


  1. Super creative and cute! You two look great! xo Jennifer

  2. Baby Cat,
    Those costumes were amazing. Maybe you're missing your calling!?

    - Momma Cat

  3. Yes, as a costume designer! What a lot of work you put into those costumes! I'm very impressed.

    - Momma Cat

    1. Thanks, Momma Cat! Actually, I think I remember seeing that Disney might have an opening for a costume designer, maybe I'll try it out...

      -Baby Cat