Friday, September 12, 2014


Back in May or June, Baby Brother Cat asked Baby Cat if she had time to make him a hat. Baby Cat could make no promises before graduation and the wedding, but after that, of course! Baby Brother described the kind of hat he wanted and the kind of yarn, and Baby Cat found the yarn and wrote a pattern that was just right (after 1 do-over). Here is the result!

If you like Baby Brother's hat, you can buy the pattern at our Etsy shop or at Baby Cat's Ravelry shop.

Now Husband Cat saw Baby Cat working on the hat and asked to put in a request for a hat of his own. He didn't have a specific style or yarn in mind, so he and Baby Cat searched Ravelry until they found this pattern, called "David's Hat", which was available for free on Ravelry.

The patterned band around the hat was fun to knit and adds a nice decorative effect to the hat.

While looking for a hat for Husband Cat,  Baby Cat became enthralled with this adorable Elf Hat pattern, which she adapted slightly to make this Flower Faery hat. Now we will both stay warm and look super-cute as the cooler weather moves in!


-Baby Cat


  1. All the hats are so cute, with great touches like the cables on Brother Cat's hat and the stem on the pretty Flower Faery hat. The pattern on Husband Cat's hat is really nice - and the actual cat on Husband Cat's lap also adds to the overall effect!

  2. Oh, they're all so adorable! The flower fairy hat is my absolute favorite! How cute! Beautiful work, Baby Cat! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you! That one is my favorite too! I hope to make a lot more in time for the holidays!

      Love, Baby Cat