Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Baby Cat thinks sees no reason why gifts for the guys in a wedding party can't be as cute and creative as the ones for the girls. That's why she was so excited to learn how to make these adorable tuxedo gift bags! This photo tutorial is an adaptation of a tutorial I found by Nashville Wraps. You can click here to see there original tutorial.

For my version, see below!

You will need:

-Paper in white or the color of your groomsmen's shirts, if different (I made one in white and one in    navy blue, the tutorial I adapted recommended white pearl stripe paper, which looks great but I couldn't find any for my own project)
-1/2'' ribbon in black or color to contrast shirt, about 12" per bag (depending on the size of the bag)
-1/4'' diameter brads, buttons, or beads in black or color to match shirt (I used black brads)
-Paper gift bags- one for each tuxedo you want to make
 *note: If you can find black gift bags you will save yourself a few steps. If not, you will also need:
-Black acrylic craft paint (I used Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Satin)
-A paint brush
-Newspaper to protect your work surface from paint

Let's get started!

Step 1: Paint the Bags (those of you lucky enough to find black bags, skip this step)
        Cover your work surface with newspaper, pop your bags open so that they stand up on their own.

Next spread a light layer of paint all over the outside of the bag and the top of edge of the inside.

        Wait for the paint to dry (about 1 hr) and add extra coats as needed. You don't have to paint the bottom of the bag, but if you would like to, wait until the other paint is dry so it won't smudge when you lay the bag on its side to paint the bottom.

Step 2: Put on a shirt!
      Cut an isoceles triangle out of your shirt paper. When placed on the bag with the point facing down, and short edge lined up with the top of the bag, you should have about 1'' of bag left on either side of the triangle and two inches at the bottom.

Glue the triangle in place.

Step 3: Bow Tie!
     Cut at 6'' length of ribbon and make it into a circle, overlapping ends by 1/4'' and glue. Put a spot of glue in the inside center of the loop and press together to make two loops.
     Cut a 2 1/4'' length of ribbon and wrap it around the center of the double-loop bow. Overlap the ends in the back and glue.

     Cut a length of ribbon as long as the entire width of the front of the bag and glue it across the bag, about 1'' from the top. Glue the bow tie to the center of this ribbon.

Step 4: Buttons
     Glue 4 of your buttons to the center front of the "shirt" equidistant from one another. If you are using brads, break the bendable part or cut it with a wire cutter to keep it from showing or getting in the way when you glue the round part to to the shirt.

Step 5: Fill it up!
     Fill the bag with gifts for your groomsman, best man, dad, groom, or any other guy who plays a special role on your wedding day! Then later it with black and white (or shirt color) tissue paper to finish!

Disclaimer: The actual contents and recipients of these giftbags, as well as Baby Cat's DIY bridesmaid gifts, will not be posted until Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat's Wedding day, lest someone in the wedding party accidentally glimpse something that they shouldn't and spoil the surprise. Sorry, the same goes for Baby Cat's handmade wedding dress.


  1. What a cute idea! I especially like the idea of color-coordinating the shirt part of the bag to match the wedding colors. xoxo Maureen

  2. Nice tutorial, Baby Cat! I agree: the color-coordinated bag is a great idea! xo Jennifer