Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week, Momma Cat and Baby Cat took a trip to Joann Fabrics (our version of the happiest place on earth) to look at ribbon to wrap Baby Cat's bridal bouquet in. We found some great stuff for that, which we will show you once it is more in the shape of a bouquet wrap. We also found stuff to make Baby Cat a princess necklace to go with her wedding dress!

Baby Cat saw this pendant and thought it looked very princess-y!
Baby Cat wanted something with a little pop of color so she doesn't go crazy wearing too much white.
Baby Cat and Momma Cat went through several different bead/ribbon/pendant combinations until 
Baby Cat finally decided on this royal blue and silver pendant with a pretty, sheer silver ribbon. 

Necklace making supplies!
To turn these things into a necklace, all Baby Cat needed were some lobster claw closures, some jump rings, two crimpable ends, and some needle nosed pliers. Yes, Baby Cat made up the word crimpable because she doesn't remember what those things are actually called.

First Baby Cat strung the pendant onto the ribbon

It's starting to look like a necklace already!

Next came the little silver end, which Baby Cat crimped flat with the pliers so that it would stay on the end of the ribbon. 

Then, she trimmed the end of the ribbon so it wouldn't get in the way of the closure.

Next, she added a jump ring and lobster claw. After that, she tried on the necklace to measure test the length, and added a crimped end and jump ring on the other side so that it could be close. After trimming the remaining end of the ribbon:

Now, hopefully it looks good with her dress!

-  Baby Cat


  1. The necklace is beautiful!! It looks so pretty with the neckline of the dress,and the color is perfect. What an inspired idea! Thanks for sharing it. Love, Maureen

  2. Beautiful, Baby Cat! Can't wait to see it all together! xo Jennifer

  3. Baby Cat,
    I think your necklace will look wonderful with your dress. I can't wait until I get to see you in them both.

    - Momma Cat

    1. Thanks! You will get to pretty soon!

      -Baby Cat