Wednesday, March 5, 2014


FRIDAY morning, as I was walking home, I stopped by Sam's Attic, an eclectic thrift store located right on the corner of 17th and Tenino in Sellwood, Portland, Oregon.  

Now, I have found many treasures in there before, but this time I scored BIG-TIME!

First, I found these beautiful teacups, for about $13 each, to add to our collection for Baby Cat's bridal shower. They are in beautiful shape and they are both English bone china. 
View inside the cups

They are both nicely decorated with pretty flowers inside the cups.  Now here's the view from the side. 

Both cups and saucers have nice gold trim all around the edges

These will make a nice addition to our collection, now totaling 24!  Never thought I'd be a teacup collector, but there you are!  After Baby Cat's bridal shower, they will all belong to her.

WHILE  I was looking for the teacups  I found this cute little doll puzzle (you know how I love dolls!), for $2.  So, of course I had to buy it!

Madame Alexander Dolls puzzle

You probably already noticed these dolls, although dressed very differently,  all have the same face, so it's not going to be that easy to do.  But, I know we will have many fun hours putting this together.  At least, I hope so!

THE BIGGEST SCORE  though, was this sweet little swivel-rocking chair, at $35!  It's in great shape, and it's only missing one of the arm covers, which I can easily replace with some really cute fabric.

Comfy, cute, and it rocks and swivels!

The best thing is that it fits me so that my feet can sit flat on the floor!  Daddy Cat says it's comfortable for him as well.  The cat even loves it!

Our kitty got a treat from this purchase too.  Lodged in the bottom of one of the legs was a cute little toy mouse in perfect condition!  We pried it out and our little MidnaCat  has been having a wild time with it ever since!  

LAST, but not least, I saw this adorable wooden dollhouse at Sam's Attic.  

Wooden Dollhouse

So I texted my friend Jennifer, of Plushpussycat fame, and told her about it.  Last thing I heard, Jennifer had purchased the dollhouse to add to her collection!  It is very cute, with two stories and an attic, unfinished.  I know she'll have a blast fixing it up. 

So all in all, a major score for all concerned!

SAM'S ATTIC is a great place to shop.  All the items are donated, most are in great shape, and it is run entirely by volunteers. The store is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from about 11am-4pm.  But, if you like thrift stores, this one is definitely worth checking out!

-  Momma Cat 


  1. Great post, Momma Cat! You totally scored! That chair looks so comfy, the puzzle looks fun, and the cups are beautiful! Thank you so much for giving me the hot tip on the dollhouse. I'd been in there before looking at that house, but they wanted $25 for it then. For $10, though, it was a steal! Thank you so much! I can hardly wait to start fixing it up! xo Jennifer

  2. Great finds, Kay! The doll puzzle looks challenging and fun, and the tea cups are lovely. I'll have to visit Sam's Attic again and see what treasures I can find.