Friday, March 7, 2014


What do you get when a knitter/crocheter and a miniaturist are friends? The recipe for a great trade, of course!

Baby Cat has been knitting tiny sweaters for Jennifer of Plush Pussycat's adorable critters in exchange for some cute miniature furniture for Baby Cat's dollhouse!

Jennifer found all of the patterns and yarn, then Baby Cat turned them into sweaters! Jennifer also designed the backgrounds and took the pictures of the little kitty, Grandma Bear, and Strawberry Shortcake and her friend in their sweaters.

This is the first tiny sweater pattern baby cat made, on the tiniest needles she and Jennifer could find, 1.0mm! Jennifer designed the lovely background for this photo she took of this little kitty wearing her sweater! This is the child size sweater.

And here is Grandma Bear wearing the grown-up size of the same sweater.

Baby Cat also made these two sweaters for Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom using slightly larger (but still tiny) needles. 

Here is another cute sweater pattern. The only problem is, there is no opening in the back so this bunny has to be careful not to hurt his ears taking it on and off! This picture was taken inside the sewing room of Baby Cat's dollhouse.

In exchange for the sweaters, Baby Cat got several very nice pieces of furniture for her dollhouse! She loves this old-fashioned kitchen set:

Kitchen cabinets with a little flour mill inside.
An old-fashioned ice box.
This sink is similar to the one Baby Cat and Fiancé Cat have in their house.

And this desk and cabinet:

And this cute little end table and quilt or towel rack:

Right now Baby Cat is working on some tiny crochet dresses for the Calico Critters, as well as some more sweaters! Stay tuned to see them, and more dollhouse furniture!

-Baby Cat


  1. Aww, nice post, Baby Cat! I've been enjoying our trades, and our friendship, so much! I see the furniture looks great in your dollhouse, and that photo of the bunny in his sweater is priceless! Can't wait to see the new dresses and sweaters you're making! xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks! I have been enjoying our trades and our friendship too! It has been so much fun making all these cute, tiny patterns, and seeing my dollhouse gradually fill up with beautiful furniture! I'm glad you like the bunny photo too!


    Baby Cat