Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy like a bee. Getting ready for the Bazaar!

Lest you think I haven't been doing anything because I haven't posted recently, let me assure you I've been busy as a bee.  I've been working very hard getting ready for the upcoming St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar, which is on November 3, from 9-4,  and November 4, from 9-1.   It's held in the St. Agatha Parish Hall at 7959 SE 15th Avenue, in Portland, Oregon. 

Baby Cat and I have been crafting for the Holiday Bazaar every year beginning when Baby Cat was in the 4th grade!  So this is our 13th year!!!!!  You can see how special this event is to both of us.  Baby Cat is even coming home from school so she can help sell things at our table.  We always have a great time together at the Bazaar.  Often we buy lovely Christmas gifts from the other vendors for the special people in our lives. 

Since Baby Cat is away at school, I have no idea what things she's been making to bring to the Bazaar.  It'll be a surprise to us all.

Here are just a few of the things I've been working on. 

Handmade Potholders

Dolls, Washcloths, Poodle Dog

Handmade Ornaments

There's a lot more that I don't have room to show you.  But, if you come to the Holiday Bazaar on November 3 or 4, you'll be able to see everything for yourself and perhaps come away with something special for someone on your Christmas list!

See you there!

-Momma Cat

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