Friday, June 23, 2017


A long while ago Momma Cat purchase a cute, little 12-inch toddler doll, by Corolle.  She is exactly like one Baby Cat got when she was little.  Here's a photo to remind you.  

Baby Cat's doll, Puku
Momma Cat's Doll, Piccolina

Momma Cat cleaned her up, fixed her hair, and crocheted her a new outfit.  She used Bio Bimbo cotton yarn from Northwest Wools, in Multnomah Village.  She created the clothes as she went, so there are no written instructions. Sorry!

Front of panties
Back of panties

Dress front
Dress back

Faux leather shoe soles
This last picture is of the bottom of Piccolina's  shoes.  Momma Cat likes to put faux suede, or faux leathers soles on the bottoms, to give the shoes a more finished look.  The faux leather in this case was repurposed from an old purse that Momma Cat had.  

That's all for now.  Momma Cat has some more projects to finish before she can devote any more time to doll clothes! But, don't worry, she'll blog about those too!

- Momma 


  1. Piccolina is darling, especially in her new outfit! I love the shoes, too.

  2. Thank you Maureen! I have some sewing patterns to use for that sized doll too. I hope to soon have other clothes to show off for her!

    - Momma Cat