Saturday, April 15, 2017


All of you American Girl Doll lovers cover your eyes and plug your ears.  I know you won't want to hear what Momma Cat is going to say.  

Momma Cat is looking at her collection of 18 inch Madame Alexander dolls, and she thinks they are far more attractive than American Girl dolls!  The American Girl dolls do have a lot of great clothes and accessories that are very well made!  But, Momma Cat has to say, the dolls are not that pretty! 

Take for example Momma Cat's Asian doll, Misumi (meaning pure, beautiful, in Japanese). She has been featured on Momma Cat's blog a few times, because she is so exquisite, and she's Momma Cat's favorite! Look at how beautiful her face is!  She has shiny long black hair too! 

Misumi-Momma Cat's Madame Alexander 18 inch doll.
In addition, Madame Alexander dolls have vinyl heads, arms, legs, and breastplates, and they are poseable!  American Girl dolls only have vinyl heads, arms, and legs.  So a lot of the cute clothing styles reveal the cloth body parts! Not too attractive! The American Girl dolls are not poseable either.

Below is a picture of Misumi in her brand new clothes. Momma Cat made Misumi's underwear, corduroy dress, and hair accessory. She also designed and crocheted Misumi's shoes.  The only thing she didn't make are Misumi's tights.  Momma Cat bought the tights from Doll Secrets

Misumi in her new corduroy dress.
Momma Cat thought that Misumi should probably have a coat to wear on those cold, blustery, wet days that we so often have in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  So she created this coat for her.  Notice the coat is fully lined.

The coat's lining

Misumi in her new lined coat.
Momma Cat designed and created a bag to complete Misumi's ensemble, using materials recycled from an old bag that she had.  The heart shape insignia on the front of the bag is one of Momma Cat's old earrings!  The other earring has been lost for a couple of years!

Misumi's purple bag.
Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls are infinitely more affordable than American Girl dolls too!  So, if you're on a budget (who isn't?), you can buy a very nice new doll for about $35-$85, as opposed to $115 and have some money left over to buy more doll clothes, or shoes, or whatever you want!  You can find some very nice used dolls on eBay too, if you're willing to do a little work!

Momma Cat has bought several used Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls off of eBay and has had very good results!
Every year Momma Cat creates a few items to enter into the Multnomah County Fair.  She does this mainly because it's fun, but also because she likes winning those luscious blue ribbons!

This year Misumi will be one of her entries.  Wish Momma Cat and Misumi luck! 

Wish Momma Cat luck!


  1. Can the Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls wear the same clothing as the American Girl dolls? I've always loved the idea of the American Girl dolls, and have a Molly of my own, but every single doll has the same face, with very minor tweaks to accommodate non-white ethnic groups. It is too bad they are so generic.

    Madame Alexander dolls are nothing but exquisite; I will have to check out their 18 inch dolls! And, your outfit for Misumi is gorgeous :-)



    1. Beth,

      I own a Josefina. I wanted her because she was pretty and had a different look from all the rest!

      The dolls do wear the same size clothes. The American Girl dolls are a little thicker around the middle, but that's the biggest difference. They wear the same size shoes too!

      Thanks for the compliment on Misumi's outfit. You can tell how much I love her, can't you?

      - Momma Cat

  2. What a beautiful doll. I predict she'll be a winner at the fair!

    1. Maureen,

      I fell in love with Misumi the first time I saw her! That's why I gave her such a beautiful name. Making clothes and accessories for her is always a joy. I'm glad you like her too.

      - Momma Cat