Monday, October 19, 2015


That's right!  Momma Cat and Daddy Cat recently went on vacation to the big island of Hawaii!  It was our first vacation alone together since before Baby Cat, and Baby Brother Cat were born!!!!!

We went to visit Big Sister and Brother-In-Law Cat in Waikoloa for about 10 days.  Which, believe me, wasn't nearly long enough!!!  

Here's a picture of their house.

The front view from the pool
 Notice the beautiful swimming pool, in which Momma Cat learned how to snorkel, which is a minor miracle, since she doesn't swim a lick!

Here's a picture of Daddy Cat at Hapuna Beach, right after he went boogie-boarding in the Pacific Ocean.  That was a first for him too!  The water was warm and rough, and we had tons of fun!  We also both got pretty  sun-burnt even though we slathered ourselves with sunscreen!  It was worth it though.  So beautiful!

Daddy Cat at Hapuna Beach

Big Sister and Brother-In-Law Cats at Hapuna Beach
 Later on in the afternoon we had a tremendous storm!  It was amazing, but it stayed warm and humid for our entire trip.

One day we went up to Maunakea to see the Keck Observatory and the other telescopes.  It was beautiful and otherworldly.

At the visitor's center we stopped to get acclimated, and we got to see this endangered plant, called the Silver-sword.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

Silver Sword

Looks like you're on the moon up there at 14,000 ft.
Daddy Cat at the Keck Observatory
 Another day we drove to Volcanoes National Park and went to Kiluea to see the volcano.  It's very beautiful and serene up there even though it's alive!!

The caldera on Kilauea
This is not an exceptional picture, but it was overcast and I couldn't get any closer.  Maybe that's not such a bad idea, huh?

These picture were all taken at Pu'u honua o' honaunau, meaning Place Of Refuge where Hawaiians had to swim to, if they had broken any rules against King Kamehameha.

Pu'u honua o' honaunau  (place of refuge)

Brother-In-Law Cat, Big Sister Cat, and Daddy Cat
Three handsome guys
We had a wonderful lunch at the Kona Inn!  Momma Cat had a Squid-burger (calamari sandwich) which was so tasty, she almost couldn't stand it!

Squid Burgers are so delicious!!!!!!

We went to South Point which is the southernmost point of the United States and enjoyed beautiful scenery and gorgeous waves.  The surf was incredible down there because of all the hurricane activity in the Pacific at that time!  So we enjoyed the water from the land!!

We had many more adventures and really enjoyed ourselves a lot.  Maybe some day I'll get my act together and put all my photos and memories into an album!  Until then, I leave you with this short glimpse into a marvelous time that neither Daddy Cat or I will ever forget!

- Momma Cat

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