Saturday, April 4, 2015


Momma Cat works in a fabric store, and she loves to buy fabric!  Sometimes she buys fabric, then she puts it in a box and forgets she has it!  How embarrassing!

Recently Momma Cat came upon several boxes of fabric that she has bought and stored over the years.  Some of the fabric was just scraps, some she had inherited from Grandma Cat, but a lot of it she had bought herself!  

So Momma Cat decided to make some cool stuff for herself.  

First she made this pretty corduroy shirt.  It's a dark purple, with a paisley print.  It's nice and warm and doubles as a cover over a long or short sleeved t-shirt.  
Lovely purple corduroy shirt

Close-up of the fabric

Momma Cat loves her new shirt!

Then Momma Cat made herself a pair of pajama pants out of this adorable, flannel, black and white cats print, 
Black and white cats flannel print

and a pajama top out of some black Ponte' Roma knit fabric that she bought.  The top is so soft and comfortable!  Momma Cat loves Ponte' Roma knit!  

Here are her Cat's Pajamas.  

Cat's pajamas! So warm and comfy!

Since sewing is one of Momma Cat's favorite things to do, she is going to keep making more stuff until some of the fabric she's accumulated gets used up! 

Right now she is working on some bags to sell at the next holiday bazaar in November 2015.  

Here's a preview:
Floral print bag

That's all for now folks.  Momma Cat has to get back into her sewing room!

- Momma Cat   


  1. I love this post - especially the cat's pajamas! I also like the blog's colorful new look. It's goes well with the beautiful sewing projects you've displayed.

  2. Nice work, Momma Cat! I especially love the cat's pajamas and that you're working your way through your fabric stash. Good going! xo Jennifer

  3. Beatiful work! The cats pajamas are adorable and I love all of your fabric selections!