Saturday, December 1, 2012

My final Table Project!

I just had my final review for my table project that I have been working on all term and I am so happy! The review went very well; my reviewers really liked my design and had some good ideas for how I could add brackets in the top to make the frame more rigid, or how I could make tops of different colors and materials to switch out with the steel ones I have now (which I really like, but it could be fun to make them changeable!)

I am also really happy that I now have a cute new set of nesting tables to add some style to my decor, and that I am one project closer to winter break! I just have one final left next Wednesday and I can officially start focusing on Christmasy things!

Below is the brochure I turned in with my table so you can see my design and construction processes.

So that's what I've been up to all term, I'm glad to have the finished product but I hope to make more furniture sometime because it was a lot of fun! Right now I can't decide if I should sleep for twelve hours or start studying for my last final.

-Baby Cat

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